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How to Host a Successful Surprise Baby Shower Party and Get The Best Baby Shower Gifts

What better way to celebrate the coming of a new baby than to host a baby shower party. Better yet, make it a surprise for the expectant mother. The following tips should help you host a baby shower party just like a real pro.Choose a Good DateIt is important that you choose a good date for the baby shower party. What good is the party if the mom is not around? So do make sure that the important participant makes it to the party. Be creative with this. You can schedule a dinner with the expecting mother. Stress the importance of her showing up. And you should indeed ask somebody to show up at the dinner so somebody can redirect her attention while you are at the venue welcoming the guests.Send Out the InvitationsYou should be ready with your invitations early on so that you can have them sent at least two weeks before the actual event. This is to give the people time to prepare. They do have to have enough time to go shopping for baby shower gifts.And oh, be cautious with those written invitations. Your guests might carelessly leave them lying around. You don’t want them falling into the wrong hands – the mother’s that is. It will totally ruin the surprise. Personal invitations and phone calls are still the best way to go.Baby RegistryAsk mothers who just recently borne a baby about the usual stuff new mothers need. You will need the information to fill up a baby shower gifts registry. Yes, you got that right. You can make the baby shower gifts registry yourself. No need to ask the mother to make her own. She might speculate that you are planning to throw a baby shower party. This is another great way to ruin the surprise.You can also ask the mother’s close relatives and friends to give their own ideas for baby shower gifts. Make sure that you come up with a worthwhile baby registry and that it is properly distributed so that the guests have a clear idea on which baby shower gifts to give the mother.Baby Shower DecorationsCome up with a baby shower theme. It’s always fun to stick to a specific theme when planning a party. The added bonus is that it makes the rest of the details easier to handle. With a theme at hand, choosing baby shower favors, baby shower gifts and other party items will not be too hard anymore. Be creative when choosing a theme. Think of something that has yet to be done before. And do make it match the personality of the mother. Remember that the party is thrown in her honor (and the baby’s too!).Baby Shower FavorsDo give your baby shower favors the attention they deserve. They are your way of showing the guests how grateful you are for their participation.Catch the Mother Off GuardTo make the ‘surprise’ party a really effective one, make sure that you catch the Mom off guard. How about throwing the party in the morning or after lunch? And do watch over your guests. Make sure that nobody goes blabbering about the party in the wrong places and at the earshot of the wrong person (the mother of course). And on the day of the party itself, assign somebody to play the role of a valet so that there are not too many cars nearby to arouse the mom’s suspicion.You are well on your way to hosting a blasting baby shower party. Have fun!